Build ONE-STOP SOLUTION from cosmetics planning to finished products.
Process of manufacturing  
Major developing item 365 days a year, with constant research and effort,
We'll compete with quality and technology.
Basic makeup product

Make healthy and beautiful skin with cosmetics for skin care all the basic cosmetics.

Development item: skin, lotion, cream, essence, ampule, pack, mask, cleansing, etc.

Baby cosmetics

Products prescribed as cosmetics for infants and children

Development item: Baby cleanser, Baby bath&shampoo , Baby oil, Baby Sooding gel, Baby Cream, Powder lotion, etc.

Female/male special cleanser

Lower management products used by adults

Development item: men's cleanliness, women's cleanliness, women's cleanliness, etc.

Hair products

Product group for hair management purposes.

Development items: shampoo, lynx, treatment, hair tonic, hair tonic, heroin, hair cream, wax, glaze, gel, etc.

Body products

Includes all products used in the body, from cleaning to managing the body line.

Development item: body cleanser, bubblebass, body lotion, body oil, body mist, hand care,body clinic, etc

Health supplement

Food prepared and prepared using raw materials or ingredients that are useful to the human body.

Development item: lactobacillus, immune booster, extracts, etc.

Other products

Country-specific functional cosmetics

Development item: Chinese cosmetic hygiene administration permit, Malaysian JAKIM HALAL, U.S. OTC (ultraviolet rays)

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