CEO Greeting

Amaranth Creating Beauty.
"Like a green pine tree always"

We want to become a company where people are not above people, so we feel like working, a company that pays back for work, a company that respects a person's personality, honors his parents, and takes his family as my family.

"A company that contributes to national development, Amaranth creates beauty"

Amaranth was established by establishing a business policy centered on the prosperity of the nation and people with the basic spirit of a progressive spirit at one point in history and at a time when the economy was difficult. In addition, in order to indigenize a corporate culture based on filial piety and etiquette, the traditional culture of Korea, we have been focusing on making a life of living a life of giving first to others. I think it is thanks to all of you who have watched over us with deep interest and love and cared for us with love.

"Global Premier Beautiful Partner"

In the future, our employees will be more humble, faithful to their duties, and focus on research and development to produce and supply excellent cosmetics that satisfy customers all over the world. In this way, we will do our best to become a beautiful company in Korea that not only contributes to the promotion of public health and economic development, but also instills beauty and health in mankind and protects the pride of the nation. Please watch the amaranth grow and develop together.