Awards and Certification

I've only walked one path for beauty and health.
Amaranth Technology Research Institute, which consists of professionals with infinite spirit of challenge and creative thinking, always develops excellent products through thorough efficacy verification, including formulation research that applies basic materials for cosmetics and medicines.
Patent status
  • [No.10-0352643]
    Natural preservative using a mixture of natural mugwort and silver
  • [No.10-0365242]
    Cosmetics that contain condroicin and situation mushroom extract
  • [No.10-0493449]
    Surface coating method for nanoparticles used as cosmetics material
  • [No.10-0679712]
    How to manufacture collagen from starfish
  • [No.10-1345156]
    Cosmetics for improving scalp conditions containing amaranth and lentils mixed extract
  • [No.10-1680806]
    Cosmetics for whitening skin using amaranth
  • [No.10-0889973]
    Functional extract with antioxidant and whitening efficacy using fine green algae and method of manufacture
  • [No.10-1229045]
    A method for hot water extraction of lotus flower, lotus leaf, lotus stem, lotus root and lotus root flesh, and a cosmetic composition having wrinkle improvement effect using the extract prepared therefrom as an active ingredient
  • [No.10-1716106호]
    Mixture of algae with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and atopic skin improvement effects, manufacturing methods
  • [No.10-2127771]
    Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory disease with herbal compounds as active ingredients composition for anti-aging or skin calming
  • [No.10-2122960]
    Skin Improvement Composition with Black Bean Noodles,Black Whisper and Black ginger