About Amaranth

The gift of AMARANTH that deliver beauty and health!
"Amaranth, the legendary flower of eternity."

Amaranth has built its dream path as a proud global Korean cosmetic company, and has constantly strived to meet customer satisfaction, leading the cosmetic trend for 37 years.
So when you walk with AMARANTH, even the desert becomes a road.

"Fascinating Global Partner"

Amaranths' philosophy of contributing to elevate human beauty and health was the back bone to build innovative technology & facilities, investing on world class R&D centers. And hopes to come closer to become 'Korea's Leading Cosmetic Company'.
Beauty that has continued over time and over generations

Amaranth Cosmetics has only taken one step since its founding on March 5, 1985, to realize the beauty and health of its customers and to keep its promise with them.
Constant research and challenges

Amaranth blooms forever with research and challenges that constantly strive for customer satisfaction.
Amarnathian (Amaranth people) Amaranth People strive to accept the will of the other person with enterprising spirit, strive to give first, and always think with gratitude.  
Amaranth's management ideology
Amaranth actively participates in national development.
Amaranth strives to improve public health.
Amaranth serves my neighbor in a spirit of service.
Amaranth does his best for employee welfare.
The Amaranth language Amaranth that conveys beauty and instills health.
Amaranthian Spirit 'With research and endevor, anything is possible!'